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Our work ranges from supporting nationwide collaborative healthcare change initiatives to individual healthcare systems, hospitals and clinics.Embed excellence: Deliver reliable, sustainable, enterprise-wide quality and safety.Cynosure is committed to making safe, reliable and affordable healthcare a reality for every patient. Cynosure will vastly improve health care by using innovative, tailored solutions driven by effective implementation. Our team members create tailored solutions that engage participants in a productive, enjoyable way.ARC: Prevented 9,036 readmissions and saved more than $86,745,600 .Cynosure helps organizations with data analytics to build organizational performance improvement capability.
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Cynosure recently participated in Avoid Readmissions Through Collaboration (ARC)'s California Readmissions Summit, Keeping the Pulse on Readmissions.

Cynosure is happy to be a sponsor of CAHQ's 2015 Spring Conference, Connecting Across the Continuum.
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Cynosure offers training on a variety of topics. We offer on site programs as well as workshop and seminars to improve your process and develops skills.
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Cynosure has been actively involved with healthcare collaboratives for more than 15 years.

Some of Cynosure’s current and most recent projects include:

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Cynosure Health contains expertise in a variety of topics, including the following:
Cynosure provides a collection of free tools and resources. Download templates, spreadsheets, research, guidebooks and more with a focus on quality improvement topics.
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May 6, 2015
Join us for our free webinar that will help you decode health care data.
April 1, 2015
Sponsored by: Avoid Readmissions Through Collaboration (ARC)

ARC Interview: 
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An uncompromising and unconditional commitment to one-on-one attention using customized solutions ensures resolution of problems faster and more effectively, leaving clients highly engaged, more self-sufficient and productive than imagined.
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Team Communication to Reduce Hospital Readmissions: Marin General Hospital and CareInSync

The California Health Care Foundation in partnership with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Avoid Readmissions through Collaboration (ARC) program have created a White Paper highlighting readmission reduction efforts at Marin General Hospital describing the Coast@Marin program that integrates a mobile care collaboration platform to support the implementation of evidenced based care transition interventions. 

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Always Events® Getting Started Kit: Institute for Health care Improvement

IHI created the Always Events Getting Started Kit to help providers at the front lines of care understand what an Always Event is, how to select a set of practices for an Always Event initiative, and the steps for implementing the initiative.

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