Cynosure has been actively involved with healthcare collaboratives for more than 15 years.

Current Projects


Partnership for Patients (PfP) - HRET Hospital Improvement and Innovation Network (HIIN)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently awarded $347 million in contracts to 16 organizations, including the Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET), to continue efforts to reduce hospital-acquired conditions and readmissions in the Medicare program. The HRET HIIN will work to reduce overall hospital-acquired conditions by 20% and 30-day hospital readmissions by 12% by 2019, building on the success of the Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Networks and Quality Improvement Organizations. HRET led the largest HEN and HEN 2.0 projects from 2012-2016.

Cynosure Health is a proud partner of the AHA-HRET for the HIIN, supporting the State Hospital Associations and enrolled hospitals in reducing patient harm.  Our team will provide clinical improvement content through virtual and in-person educational events, change packages and tools, as well as coaching and technical assistance.

For more information, please visit the HRET HIIN website by clicking here.

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PfP - IMPAQ International National Content Developer (NCD)

As a partner to IMPAQ International, Cynosure Health is supporting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks (HIINs) to develop and lead several “Pacing Events,” designed to engage, inform, and drive action across the HIINs.

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Engaging Consumers Through Network Accessibility and Performance: NY State Health Foundation  

Cynosure Health is conducting a comprehensive analysis of New York provider network composition, performance, and accessibility. The goal of the project is to provide consumers with the information they need understand the trade-offs between network size, performance, accessibility, and cost, so that consumers can make informed health care decisions.


Past Projects

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Donald Berwick MD, MPP, FRCP Keynote Speaker Address, Healthcare Learning Collaboratives First National Conference

5th in the "ALL IN" Webinar Series: Accelerating Improvement

Participants comment on the best part of the Healthcare Learning Collaboratives Conference

Highlights from Cynosure's Healthcare Collaboratives 1st National Conference

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"The Cynosure team has been an excellent resource and provided expertise during the Hospital Engagement Network Project. Having physicians and the nurses with their individual specialties have really helped fill in the gaps of knowledge needed for our team's success. They are always willing to provide the education needed or assist in any way possible. Without the Cynosure team our journey to improve patient outcomes would be very difficult."

Kristin Bailey RN, BSN, CPN HEN Program Manager
Nebraska Hospital Association

"Cynosure has been a positive and motivating force for us in working to achieve project goals by encouraging networking and sharing, providing current data and stories, presenting potential alternative approaches, and being available and responsive to questions."

Patrice Greenawalt, RN, MS Hospital Engagement Network Manager
Oklahoma Hospital Association

"The improvement leaders at Cynosure Health have been a positive force in an energized campaign to improve patient safety nation wide. In Kansas, our hospital community has benefitted from their expertise, coaching and generous encouragement in conducting patient safety initiatives effectively and efficiently. This work can be complex and challenging, but Cynosure Health provides a common sense approach: Focus on the patient, engage the entire team and make it easy to do the right thing."

Michele Clark, program directorKansas Healthcare Collaborative